Send personalised text messages to your

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Whether you are sending thousands of personalised messages or just one, our powerful web Bulk SMS service makes it easy.

Want to schedule campaigns to go out at a specific time, no problem? See delivery reports, SMS replies and response phone calls from customers in real time, all from your own computer or tablet.

650 million mobile phone subscribersDid you know?

Africa now has more than 650 million mobile phone subscribers


20cents sms

SMS is the most responsive and efficient media channel

  • - Outstanding response rates – often into double digits!
  • - 97% of all texts received are being read within 4 minutes
  • - Messages from just 20 cents
  • - Real-time delivery reporting
  • - Instant access to your contacts from your computer
  • - Free reply messages back to your account
  • - Free customer support
  • - Free credits when you sign up

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Key Bulk Sms Features:

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Bulk SMS Nationwide at the lowest rates in South Africa with Conversation LAB.


Send to Lists

Create customer contact lists and easily send out SMS updates to them.



See the number of SMS’s Sent, Delivered, Failed and Received for the current day or the last 7 days..




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